Extension and Learning
Development Activities
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Color Bears Flip Book

Just flip and match colored bears with color
names in a sturdy, colorful, bound booklet.  
Booklet includes 10 colors.
Color Clips

Fishing games are always popular
with children. Players take turns
fishing for colored clothespins that
match colors on their wheels. When
a color is “reeled in,” it is clipped
on the wheel. If a player does not
need the color, it is “tossed back.”
Winner is the player who gets his
wheel filled first.
Brown Bear Concentration

Players turn up two cards at a time.
If the pairs match, the player
continues. If they do not match,
play is passed to the next player.
Lot of fun to play and helps
develop visual discrimination and
memory. 24 cards
Get It In Order--Story Sequence

Recall or flip through the storybook for
a sequence of story events. Put these
sequence strips in order that they
occurred. Set of 11 strips.
Name That Color Board

Players roll a die, advance that
number of spaces, and name the
color landed on. First one around
the board is the winner.
Sort It Out

Children get plenty of practice sorting
real objects into 6 paper plates (double
plated for durability), naming the color,
and giving an object picture as
Brown Bear Color Bingo

Color is the focus of this bingo game. The
caller can show the word, and players
must associate the word with the color on
their card, or the word can be called out,
and the player must simply find the color.
Game includes 4 different bingo cards, a
set of color words calling cards, and
plenty of markers.
Brown Bear Color Match

Spread out the 9 paint cans and then
decide where to put the picture cards.
48 picture cards are included for plenty
of practice.
Color Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards for
flash cards, in pocket charts, or on
word walls. Simply cut the color circle
from the word, and children can have
a matching activity.
Brown Bear Counting Flip Book

Just flip and match storyimages with
numerals (1-10) and their words in a
sturdy, colorful bound booklet.
Looking for “B” Words

Look at each picture card, decide whether
the word begins with the “B” sound, and
sort it in the correct bowl. This activity
includes labels for two bowls, “B” and“Not
B”, and plenty of practice with 36 picture
Brown Bear Patterning Strips

Complete the pattern on each strip. Set
includes 12 strips (10.5” x 2.5”) and pattern
card answers to complete the patterns.
Spin and Move

Spin the spinner, identify the color, and
move the pawn to that color. First player
around the bear wins. Simple in design
focusing on color and counting.
Brown Bear…Word-Story
Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards for flash
cards, in pocket charts, or on word
walls. Simply cut the picture from the
word, and children can have a matching
activity. Set of 11 cards.
Emergent Reader
What Do You See?

Students complete a small booklet
that they color and easily read.  
Just duplicate, cut the pages in
half, and staple together or bind
into little books.
These activities are designed to be instructional, hands-on, easy-to-make, and fun
for students.  Each activity has a targeted skill and complete directions.  Books and
stories are not included.  The download is formatted so you only need to print the
pages that you select.  Your purchase and payment are handled securely through
Paypal.  The download is handled through Digital Product Delivery.  Upon
purchase, an email will be sent to you by Digital Product Delivery that directs you
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The recipes for COLOR SNACKS are also included, but not pictured.
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