Extension and Learning
Development Activities
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Chicka Boom Bingo

Letters are the focus in this bingo
activity. While students are having fun
playing a game, they are being
exposed to uppercase and lowercase
letters. 9 bingo cards, set of alphabet
calling cards, and plenty of markers
(letter recognition)
Lucky Monkey Board Game

Players advance around the game
board in hopes of being the first to
the finish. Along the way, if a player
lands on a monkey, another
opportunity to advance hinges on
whether the player can name the
missing letter that the monkey is
sitting on. Two games are in file
folder format. (alphabetical order;
letter recognition)

Players turn up two cards at a time. If
the pairs match, the player continues. If
they do not match, play is passed to the
next player. Letter cards are included
with the picture cards. 48 cards (visual
discrimination; thinking; remembering;
Coconut Tree Counting Mats

Each tree provides a work mat.
Students put the number of small brown
pom-poms (coconuts) on each tree to
match its numeral and number word
tree. Set includes 10 tree mats--7.5x10.5
and more than plenty of pom-poms.
(counting; matching quantity to the
numeral and its number word)
Coconut Sequence

Students have the opportunity to
put sequence strips in order from
the coconut’s growing on trees to
coconut cake. (sequential order)
Coconut Letter Matching

Match the whole coconut
(uppercase) with its matching
coconut (lowercase). Set of 52
cards. (match uppercase letters
with lowercase letters)
Science Lesson Plan
Emergent Reader: Getting To
Know A Coconut

This activity focuses on writing through
science. Children work with a coconut,
learn new facts about coconuts, make
observations, and write descriptive
words. After working hands-on with the
coconut, students complete their
booklet.  The cover and all the pages
needed to make the booklet are
included. (completing a simple book;
write descriptive words; make
All activities are designed to be instructional, hands-on, easy-to-make, and fun for
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Funky Monkey Magnet Game

Funky Monkey helps students learn
their uppercase and lowercase letters
by selecting magnetic letters from a
coconut shell.  Pictured are the props
that are needed to play the game.  What
could be more fun and motivating!
Included, but not pictured, in Chicka Boom activities download:
Treat Time Recipes
Stationery 1
Stationery 2
ABC Ideas
ABC Fun Sheet
ABC Challenge Sheet
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