Extension and Learning
Development Activities
Commotion in the Ocean
Something’s Fishy

Each player works on an ocean mat where by
drawing cards (1-10) either adds fish to his
ocean or subtracts fish from his ocean.  Foam
fish can be found in many stores. (counting;
simple addition and subtraction)
“Get the Gold” Board Game

Oceans and buried treasure chests—motivation
plus! Activity includes file folder board game and
30 cards.  No coins.  Watch out for the shark!
(counting syllables)
Emergent Reader----Ocean

Students complete a small booklet that they
color and easily read. Front cover and all the
pages needed to make the booklet. (read
and color an easy book about the oceans)
Included, but not pictured, in Commotion In the Ocean activity download:
Ocean Puzzles

Students will enjoy putting together
these 4 simple puzzles.
(thinking; fine motor skills)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards for flash cards,
in pocket charts, or on word walls. Simply cut
the picture from the word, and children can
have a matching activity. Set of 16 cards.
(vocabulary development)
Crab Castle

Bright, eye-catching file folder activity. Just
add the dots on each card’s crab, and put it
on the folder’s numeral. 10 cards (adding
sets to 10; matching numeral)
All activities are designed to be instructional, hands-on, easy-to-make,
and fun for students.  Each activity has a targeted skill and complete
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Ocean Rhyming Bingo

Activity includes 4 different Bingo
cards and 12 rhyme calling cards.
(rhyming words)
Wishing to the Fishing

Fun fish matching game! This activity includes a
deck of ocean animal cards, matching ocean fish,
and instructions for the Guess Who? game. Set
of 18 fish and cards. Fishing pole and magnets
can be purchased at Lakeshore. (visual
discrimination; matching; fine motor skills)
Fish Sort
Ocean Animal Dominoes
Emergent Reader:  I See Colorful Fish
Make a Dollar Money Game
Shark Alert (card game)
Sing Along
Starfish Rhyme Time
Stationery 1
Stationery 2
Treasure Chest Money Match
Oyster Letter Match

Match each oyster’s uppercase letter with its
correct lowercase letter pearl. (matching
uppercase & lowercase letters)
88 Pages