Extension and Learning
Development Activities
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Changing Clothes

Mouse likes color! Students match color names
with Mouse in colorful overalls. (color
recognition; matching colors with color words)
Cookie Shapes Match

Match cookie shapes with shape-labeled
cookies. (basic shapes and shape names)
Counting Cookies

Just flip and match the number of cookies
with numerals and their number words in a
sturdy-bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word,
and quantity matching)
Where’s My Cookie?
Board Game

Roll the die and advance. If a cookie has
a letter, say the letter and move a space.
If a cookie does not have a letter, say
the letter and move two spaces. Winner
gets to the cookie jar first. (play a simple
game; ABC order; letter recognition)
Included, but not pictured, in Give a Mouse a Cookie activity download:
Counting Chocolate

Each of 12 (3.5” x 5”) cards show a cookie
with chocolate drops. Students are to count
the chocolates and decide how many. They
select their answer from three choices on the
card and clip it with a clothespin. Answers are
on the back for checking. (counting;
recognizing numerals and number words)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards for flash cards,
in pocket charts, or on word walls. Simply cut
the picture from the word, and children can
have a matching activity. Set of 16 cards.
(vocabulary development)
ABC Cookie-Mouse Match

Match uppercase letters to their correct
lowercase letters. Set includes 26
colorful mouse cards and 26 cookies.
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Patterning Strips

Complete the pattern on each strip. Set
includes 12 strips (10.5” x 2.5”) and pattern
card answers to complete the patterns.
Cookie Counting Mats

Each large cookie provides a work mat.
Students put the number of “chocolate” pom-
poms on each cookie mat to match its numeral
and number word.  (counting; matching
quantity to the numeral and its number word)
Get It in Order (Story Sequence)
Stationery 1
Stationery 2
Small Word-Picture Cards

Students can easily put the story events in
order with these cards. They also get
practice associating the picture with its name
at the same time. (3”x3.5”) 15 cards
Cookies Make Me Thirsty
Board Game

Very simple counting game for 2 players. Roll
the 1-3 die, count the number of spaces
to advance, and reach the milk first.
(counting; play a simple game)
Cookie Time

Simple, fun counting game. Each player gets a
cookie jar mat where by drawing cards (1-10)
either adds cookies to his jar or subtracts
cookies from his jar. (counting;
simple addition and subtraction)
Sorting Cookies

Cut-out cookies are sorted and put into
different categories by attributes.
Possible attributes include size, color, shape,
photo/drawn, size, toppings, filled centers,
etc. (sorting by attributes)

Players turn up two cards at a time. If the pairs
match, the player continues. If they do not
match, play is passed to the next player. 24
cards (visual discrimination; thinking;
remembering; matching)
Got Any Cookies?
Emergent Reader

Children read and color an easy version
of the story. Included are the finished
bound teacher booklet example and all
the pages needed to make the booklet.
(read and color an easy book)
91 Pages