Extension and Learning
Development Activities
The Snowy Day
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards for flash cards, in
pocket charts, or on word walls. Simply cut the
picture from the word, and children can have a
matching activity.  (vocabulary development)
Cold or Hot Sorting

This is a great opportunity for students to
explore “hot and cold.” Two work mats (7.5”
x 10”) are included for sorting the “hot” and
“cold” cards. (develop and extend idea of
“hot” and “cold”)
Name That Color

Peter has more than one snowsuit
and only one is red! Students match
color names with the colorful
snowsuits. (color recognition;
matching colors with color words)
Snowflake Patterning Cards

Complete the pattern. Set includes 9
strips (10.5” x 2.5”) and pattern card
answers to complete the patterns.
Number Flip Book

Just flip and match story images with
numerals and their words in a sturdy
bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word,
and quantity matching)
Included, but not pictured, in The Snowy Day activity download:

Simple, fun counting game. Two sets of
materials are included for game play. Roll the
die, look on the chart to see what snowman
part the number indicates, and put the
snowman piece on the snowman outline mat.
First player to make a snowman is the winner.
(counting; one-to-one correspondence)
Mitten Match

Mittens are constructed the same, but their
patterns and colors vary. Students match
the cut-out mittens with the mittens in the
file folder. (visual discrimination; colors)
All activities are designed to be instructional, hands-on, easy-to-make, and fun for
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Emergent Reader—Snowy Day

Children read and color an easy version
of the story. Included are the finished
bound teacher booklet example and all
the pages needed to make the booklet.
(read and color an easy book)
Snowman Counting Mats

Each snowman provides a work mat.
Students put the number of snowflakes on
each snowman mat to match its numeral
and number word. Set includes 10
snowman mats (7.5” x 10.5”)
Snowball Melting Investigations Sheet
Pocket Activity Sheet
Snowman Glyph
Snowball/Pocket Letter Match
Stationery (2 designs)
Snowy Day Picture Sheet
Visualization Activity Sheet
5 Little Snowmen Interactive Booklet

As students read this familiar rhyme,
they get the opportunity of counting
snowmen and attaching the correct
number to each page.
Snowy Day Patterning Cards

Complete the pattern. Set includes 9 strips
(10.5” x 2.5”) and pattern card answers to
complete the patterns.
City or Country

Peter lived in the city. The story did not say
that he did, but there were clues. Students
explore this idea by sorting “city” and
“country” cards in two labeled sorting
bowls. (develop and extend idea of “city”
and “country”)

Players turn up two cards at a time. If the
pairsmatch, the player continues. If they do
notmatch, play is passed to the next player.
24 cards (visual discrimination; thinking;
remembering; matching)
Let It Snow Board Game

Students have the opportunity to play a
simple game identifying words that rhyme
with “snow” and those that do not.
(rhyming words).
109 Pages